who design is a

place to showcase the work of talented Spaniards designers to the world. The goal is to inspire new designers to diversify their references, experienced designers to diversity their network, and companies to diversify their teams.

How can I nominate someone?

If you know a Spaniards designer whose work or voice is valuable to the design industry, please fill out this form with their information and a few words about why you're nominating them. You can choose to link to their portfolio, to their Linkedin, or to other social profiles — any link that you feel best represents how that person is making a difference in the industry. We decided not to collect or display the designer’s photo because we wanted the repository to be less about what someone looks like and more about how they’re making an impact in the industry.

Why are featuring artists as well?

We wanted to showcase not only contemporary Spanish design, but also leverage all the visibility that this project is getting to celebrate the history of design in our country. Every time you reload the website there’s a new featured Spaniards designer you can learn more about.

How did you come up with this idea?

We didn’t. This project is inspired by our fantastic sibling sites:

How did you build this?

We used the Brazilians Who Design code published as open source. Thanks to Alvaro Bernal, Danny Saltaren, Isaac León, Javier Cañada, Wences Sanz for the help of gathering the initial list of designers. And Juan Marcos López for his help with the code.

Who’s behind this?

How can I remove my name?

If you’ve been added to the directory and would like to opt-out or make an edit to your profile, please send us a message at

Why is my nomination taking so long to show?

We update this website once a week to include new names. To ensure a healthy gender balance on this website, some nominations might take longer to appear. In the meantime, try nominating a designer who identifies as a woman or non-binary.